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Limpopo Travel & Diana Hunting Tours – which today are one and the same company - are built on more than four decades of experience in the hunting travel industry. Diana Hunting tours was founded in Svendborg in Denmark back in 1974 by the internationally known figure in the hunting tour industry, Jan Krossteig.

Over the years the company has grown into the world’s largest hunting travel office, with hunting partners in 39 counties and customers from around the world. This has only been possible because of the strength of our customers faith in our company, our partners and the service we provide. We take great pride in the fact that a significant number of our customers are “regulars” you not only travel with us frequently, but also bring with then new customers into our business. 

A Chaotic Hunting Travel Market

The hunting travel market has never been as chaotic as it is at present. There have always been a mass of small- and medium sized agencies trading on the market, but in recent years the rise of the internet has really opened up the market for direct booking and packages sold by “agents” of more or less transparent  character and by agencies based abroad. A large number of hunters have had their fingers burnt booking “cheap” packages, which rarely proceed as promised, Generally it is only when things go wrong that the unfortunate hunter who bought the tour first realises what the difference between a good Danish travel agency - with all the security that entails -and a questionable foreign seller, really is.

Peace of Mind While Travelling

What we offer our customers is a rather unique level of security. Our experienced staff  really know our destinations and can provide highly qualified advice tailored to the customer’s individual requirements. If you book your hunting tour through us you also have a guarantee against the unlikely event of bankruptcy through the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund. Our long standing membership of the Danish Travel Agency Association is also a guarantee for professional service throughout all the proceedings that a hunting tour entails - also in the event of something not going quite as planned. As one of our customers you can expect around the clock support, via our emergency hotline, in the event of anything at all going wrong. 

Hunting Tours of the Highest Quality

Our local partners are all outfitters who over many years have proven to be of high quality – our starting point is to only work with the best in the business. Our local hunting partners entrust a great deal of administration and marketing work to us, which allows them to concentrate on doing that which they do best: namely ensuring our customers will enjoy the very best hunting experience possible. The cost of us doing all this basic “legwork” and planning is paid for by our partners - not by our customers.

Your Most Important Travel Partner and Safety Net

If a hunter living in another land, where we do not act as representative for a given partner, books a tour directly with this partner, he will pay exactly the same amount for the tour as he would have done if he had booked through us. But booking directly will NOT give the same level of security as booking through us would have done. He will not have received our qualified advice prior to booking his chosen tour. He would receive no additional help in arranging all the aspects of the tour, such as flight reservations, weapons transport, car hire, hotel bookings etc. If anything goes awry along the way, he will have to take care of it himself. If it all goes really wrong and he needs to make a formal claim for compensation, the hunter will find himself in a conflict with an outfitter who might be based on the other side of the world. This is the reality for hunters who choose to bypass booking with a reputable Danish travel agency.

Perhaps the majority of our customers don’t really think about the amount of security we provide them. Quite simply, we do our utmost to make sure everything works so smoothly that they never need to give it a second thought! This is why we have achieved the market position we have today.

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