Employees in Denmark

Claus Moltrup - CEO and Board Member

Claus has enjoyed a length career in business holding a number of top management posts and acting as a member of the board for a wide range of companies in different sectors.

After 12 years working in accountancy, Claus joined L’EASY A/S where he acted as director. Here he gained valuable experience of working in a commercial environment, learning the importance of ensuring your customers are satisfied and how to successfully utilise growth potential to achieve greater profits. During the economic crisis between 2009 to 2015, Claus acted as the CEO of Autorola A/S where is main task was to improve profitability, with a particular focus on product development and achieving growth in new markets abroad.

Alongside his management positions, Claus has and still acts as an external board member for a number of Danish companies. Through the extensive network he has built up during his career, Claus has contacts with many people, both here in Denmark and abroad.

Tina Jeppesen - Director and Board Member

Tina is the day to day leader of Limpopo Travel A/S and Diana Hunting Tours. With a wide ranging knowledge of all our destinations Tina also acts as back-up for the more specialised travel consultants.

Although she specialises in tours to Africa Tina has also worked on organising tours to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and most of Europe. Tina is of course also a hunter! Like many other Danish rifle hunters, Tina started her hunting career in Poland back in the early 1990’s.

Tina has worked in the travel industry since 1991, when she started out as a travel consultant with Diana Hunting Tours. She was appointed as director in Limpopo Travel A/S in 2003.

Anne Fick - Travel Consultant

Anne has responsibility for all our many destinations in Poland. Without exaggeration, we can safely say that Anne know more about the hunting on Poland’s best State-owned districts than anybody else. She has travelled widely throughout the country and knows most of the hunting staff personally. Naturally Anne is a hunter herself, and has keenly practiced all forms hunting carried out in Poland for many years.

Anne started as a trainee with Diana Hunting Tours in 1982. Through the years she has primarily worked with tours to Poland, becoming the destination manger in 1996.

Joakim Pedersen - Travel Consultant

Joakim joined us as an intern in August 2014 specialising in administration. Since then he has primarily worked with tours to our many destinations in Poland.  As part of his work he has visited all our Polish state owned districts, giving him a great familiarity with our many destinations in Poland.

Joakim was born into, and grew up in a family where everybody shared a passion for hunting, and has held a hunting license since the age of 16. As well as being a keen shotgun hunter in Denmark, Joakim enjoys travelling with his rifle to destinations such as Germany, Sweden and naturally Poland.

Erik Pedersen Brinkmann - Travel Consultant

Erik is responsible for our Big Game hunts in Africa and for all our hunts in Eastern Europe with the exception of Poland and Hungary. He has visited the destinations he is responsible for, and know our local partners personally.

As a keen hunter Erik has put his rifle to good use over much of the world, but first and foremost in Africa, Europe and North America. He has been part of the team at Limpopo Travel since 2006.

Linda Bertelsen - Travel Consultant

Linda is responsible for our hunting destinations in South Africa and Namibia. Over the last 10 years she has worked exclusively on tours to southern Africa and has established a strong personal relationship with our partners and their hunting districts there. Linda is a keen hunter herself, having hunted for most antelope species over the years.

Linda started work with Diana Hunting Tours in 1983, at which time she mainly worked on tours to Eastern Europe. Since the year 2000 she has specialised in hunting tours to Africa - a destination she is really passionate about.

Michael Holstein Schmidt - Travel Consultant

Michael has been hunting for over 40 years, primarily bird hunting in Jutland and Funen. During his initial employment with Diana Jagtrejser from 2006 to 2013, he gained extensive knowledge of rifle hunting as well. In this role, he was responsible for selling hunting trips to the Balkans, Eastern Europe, and Scandinavia. He has hunted various game species in these countries, and he also had the opportunity to go on a single hunt in Africa. Michael re-joined Diana/Limpopo in October 2023 and is currently in charge of selling hunting trips to the Balkans, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Hungary.

Thomas M. Sørensen - Travel Consultant

Thomas was hired in September 2022 as a trainee in the hunting department. Thomas is an avid hunter himself and, despite his young age, has been hunting in various European countries such as Sweden, Germany, and several times in Poland.

Thomas will be part of both the sales and finance departments.

Lars Storgaard - Travel Consultant

Lars Storgaard who runs our office in Ulstrup (Jutland), has 22 years of experience of working in the hunting travel business - and Lars likes nothing better than sharing the fruits of this experience.

Over the years he has travelled widely in Africa - especially to Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe - both alone and as tour leader on many different group tours. Lars also has plenty of hunting experience from Asia, North America and most European hunting destinations.

Mark Longhi Andreasen - Travel Consultant & Partner

Mark works as our agent on Zealand, and you will often find him training on one of Copenhagen’s shooting ranges. His passion for hunting and all its facets started as a child when he was a beater for his father’s consortium. This passion grew over the next 12 years, until today when he dedicates as much time as possible to everything from fox hunts to mountain hunts, while what really excites him most is hunting roebuck, and lying in wait for wild boar in Sweden, which is a real test of his patience.

Despite his young age Mark has visited 75 different countries, including Zambia where he spent 3 months with our partner Kwalata Safaris, where he learnt much about big game hunts. If you dream about an exotic hunting adventure, but need a travel companion, Mark is often open to the idea of joining the trip.

You can follow Mark on Instagram on his account The_wild_fever

Ulla Fregerslev - Travel Consultant

Ulla is our expert in all the more specialised hunting tours. She is responsible for everything from mountain hunts in Asia, to hunting safaris in the jungles of Central Africa, and from chamois hunts in France to our hunts in Turkey. New products are being developed all the time, and if it is to an exotic destination it will be on Ulla’s desk!

Few people have more all-round travel experience than Ulla - she has visited most of the world - many times! Ulla has worked as a specialist travel consultant in the hunting travel industry since 1987, first with Diana Hunting tours and since 2007 with Limpopo Travel A/S

Mette Skovsgaard - Sales Assistant & Support

Mette was employed by Limpopo Travel in 2006. Previously, Mette was involved in selling tours to the southern part of Africa with Diana Hunting Tours during the period 1996 - 2000. After some time working in the furniture industry she returned to working in travel. Mette is a keen traveller have visited countries such as Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa and Mauritius on her many trips abroad.

Sacha Schaffrath - Sales Assistant & Support

Sacha has worked in Limpopo Travel since 2004, after having been employed by Diana Hunting Tours from 2002. Sacha served her apprenticeship in the travel business with Kilroy Travels, after which she worked with Star Tour selling charter holidays.

Employees Abroad

Jacob Konter - Travel Consultant in The Nederlands

Jacob started his hunting career as a boy, fishing and shooting with an air-rifle. After finishing school he got a jobs in a hunting shop and a shooting range. Jacob is a fully fledged expert in rough shooting, but after visiting England for the first time in 1985, stag hunting became is favorite form of hunting.

In addition to his role as an agent for Diana Hunting Tours he is the day to day manager of one of Holland’s biggest hunting retailers. All in all Jacob has more than 35 years of experience in the field of hunting and hunting travel generally.

Attila Papp - Travel Consultant in Hungary and Romania

Attila has worked for Diana Hunting Tours since 1st November 2006

He has 15 years experience of working in the hunting industry, taking care of visiting hunters in Hungary and Rumania. He has held a hunting license since 1992, and is also a registered tourist guide and holds a diploma in game management. He enjoys photography in his spare time.

Sten Sjögren - Travel Consultant in Sweden

Sten has worked as an agent for many different Swedish and Danish hunting travel companies over the years, and he has plenty of experience as a tour leader.

Sten himself has been a hunter for around 40 years - of which the last 30 years have been focused on hunting abroad and hunted on 6 continents. In addition to Scandinavia, Sten has hunted intensively in USA. Canada, Alaska, South America, Europe, Central Asia, Afrika, Australia and New Zealand.

He enjoys hunting with both rifle and shotgun, and he is glad to share his experience of most forms hunting from all over the world.

Maj-lis Sjögren - Sales Assistant & Support

Since August 2012 Maj-lis has worked for Diana Hunting tours as an administrative supporter for Sweden. She provides our Swedish customers with information, offers, catalogues and is responsible for the Swedish version of our website. She has travelled widely abroad - also taking part in hunting tours in recent years.

Mikael Olsson - Travel Consultant in Sweden

Mikael Olsson - who is also know in hunting circles as Micke - has a wide acquaintanceship with hunting over much of the world. As well as selling hunting tours all over the world, Micke works in a hunting equipment retail business in Sweden.

Frank Robert Lund - Travel Consultant in Norway

Frank has grown up with the great outdoors and hunting is his great passion.

He has a background in forestry, with over 30 years experience of countryside management in Eastern Norway.

A passionate hunter and in addition to hunting in Norway he has many years of experience of hunting in many European countries as well as South Africa and Namibia.

He enjoys fishing with both shotgun and rifle, and is happy to share his experiences with others. Frank is also editor for the Norwegian magazine “Hjortevildtet”, both released digitally and in print.

Stian Normann - Travel Consultant in Norway

Stian has been hunting since he was a small boy, and over the years he has developed a great passion for big game hunting. He has been in the Norwegian military for 11 years, and he is married with 2 children. The family lives on a small farm on a little island, together with their many animals.

Stian has been hunting in 4 different countries and is always open to further widen his experience.

Robert Räiha - Travel Consultant in Finland

Robert has been working with Limpopo Travel and Diana Hunting tours as a hunting travel consultant in Finland since 2007.

He sells all our products and is a highly experienced hunter who has travelled over most of the globe.

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