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Hunting i Ireland

The emerald isle - Ireland is world famous for its warm, hospitable people, wonderful pubs, folk music and impressive, lush, scenery. Amongst passionate rifle hunters this island realm is also famous because of a very special inhabitant - the sika stag - good numbers of which can be found in many places in Ireland. Hunters who have tried the challenging hunt for sika stags are often smitten by the experience, and need to test themselves again and again against this animal. The stags are hunted during the rutting season in the autumn, in the heather clad highlands as well as densely wooded valleys, and you need to be in decent condition to do so. Sika stags can appear from nowhere and then simply just vanish again, earning them the name of “black phantoms” amongst the local hunters.

The rut, which occurs in September/October is longer than that of other deer species, and can give some really intense hunting experiences. Unlike other species of stag, sika stags don’t roar - they whistle. We can offer some of Irelands best, prime sika terrain.


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