Successful alternation of generations at Diana Hunting Tours & Limpopo Travel

Denmark based company; Diana Hunting Tours & Limpopo Travel is carrying through an alternation of generations, in which the company’s present owner, Jan Krossteig, is selling the majority of the shares to two investors and the long standing director of the company.

Jan Krossteig, the present owner and chairman of Diana Hunting Tours & Limpopo Travel has sold the majority of the shares to the investors Claus Moltrup and Poul Bertelsen.  At the same time, the present director Tina Jeppesen also buys a share unit of the company. Jan Krossteig continues as shareholder and chairman of the board.

In connection with the alternation of generations and the sale, the management of the company will be expanded with Claus Moltrup, who takes the position as CEO, while Tina Jeppesen continues as director.  Erik Hahn Pedersen, who is also a shareholder, leaves the management and continues as board member as well as working as departmental manager and travel consultant in Diana Hunting Tours & Limpopo Travel.

Jan Krossteig is pleased that it, more than 40 years after he founded the company, has been possible to carry through an alternation of generations, which can maintain and expand the position that Diana Hunting Tours and Limpopo Travel has established.

- During 43 years we have sent clients on hunting- and safari tours to almost the entire world, and we have been successful in creating a healthy and strong company within the travel trade. However, I have reached an age where it is about time that younger forces take over. Therefore I am very pleased about the reinforced management, the new investors and the highly skilled and competent employees who all will conduct the continued development of the company together, says chairman of the board Jan Krossteig.

Claus Moltrup, who previously has been a director at L’EASY and Autorola Group Holding, has during the last year been working as external sparring partner for Diana Hunting Tours & Limpopo Travel. Claus Moltrup thereby has a really good starting point in being able to bring the successful tour operator further.

-Through my work as an external consultant I have learned to know the company and the trade, and I therefore feel well prepared to join the company, both as shareholder and as CEO. The company already has a very strong position on the market for hunting- and safari tours, and I am looking forward to expand that position in co-operation with the new board and the skilful employees at Diana Hunting Tours & Limpopo Travel, says Claus Moltrup.

The other two new investors, Poul Bertelsen and Tina Jeppesen join the board together with the other shareholders, which now consist of: Chairman Jan Krossteig, Claus Moltrup, Poul Bertelsen, Tina Jeppesen and Erik Hahn Pedersen.

For further information please contact:

Chairman of the Board, Jan Krossteig, Tel. +45 4068 1246

CEO, Claus Moltrup, Tel. +45 2924 0420

About Diana Hunting Tours & Limpopo Travel
Diana Hunting Tours &  Limpopo Travel are built on more than four decades of experience in the hunting travel industry. Diana Hunting Tours was founded in Svendborg, Denmark back in 1974 by the internationally known figure in the hunting travel industry, Jan Krossteig. Over the years the company has grown into the world’s largest hunting travel agency, with hunting partners in 39 countries and customers from all over the world.



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