Hunting Story from our Parter Glaeser Conradie, African Echo Safaris

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Hunting Story from our Parter Glaeser Conradie, African Echo Safaris:
"We had a very good season so far and I have attached some of the photos for you. After getting his western kob early doing his safari, Hans Henrik got his roan the second last day and he was extremely pleased with the hunting quality and ethics. Hans had the services of a translater because he was alone with a local p.h., tracker and driver, but he actually enjoyed it very much. He had lots of stories every evening! Christian shot a beautiful buffalo on the second day of their safari and his wife Vivi ended on a high note when she got a good buffalo the last hour of the last day. Great was our surprise though when the tracker spotted a group of lions stalking the same herd of buffalo that we were after during the early morning. We could hear them roaring frustratingly as they trotted off. Vivi and her husband Christian are really hard-working hunters and together they make a formidable team. We had a few G & T’s that evening and they left the next morning for Denmark via Paris.

The sentiment I received from both groups were that of "real hunting”. Vivi thanked me for introducing them to this interesting country with its friendly people and great hunting. Together with colourful fresh fruit, cold local beer, buffalo meat with fries, fresh early mornings, picnics at the river, beautiful sunsets combined with good company, time flies under the West African skies and only beautiful memories will remain..

Everything is going very well so far and it’s not too hot yet! :)

Thank you and I wish you all the best!

Kind regards

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