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Scientific Name: Cervus canadensis

Subspecies: Although the subspecies described by some authors do not correspond with those of the trophy record book, it is relevant to describe them here: There are a total of 7 subspecies of Cervus canadensis, 3 of which live in North America: 1. American Wapiti (Cervus c. canadensis, synonomous with roosevelti, manitobenis and nelsoni): Alaska, Canada and USA. 2. Merriam Wapiti (Cervus c. merriami): Arizon, New Mexico, Texas and North Mexico. 3. Dwarf Wapiti (Cervus c. nannodes): The western parts of central California.

Habitat: Semi open woodland, alpine pasture (in summer only), hilly country, valleys and open level ground.

Description: Large deer weighing up to 500 kg and measuring around 1,60 m over the shoulder. Bodylength without tail around 2,50 meters. General colour rufous brown, the face and neck being slightly darker than the rest of the body the latter displaying a short mane. Rump patch buff, and rather larger than that of the European Red Deer. The antlers are stronger and heavier than those of the European Red Deer and also palmate rather than branched.

Hunting method: Stalking, on horseback, with dogs, luring the males during the rut.

Hunting available in: All areas of distribution (exception: C.c. nannodes).

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